Sunday, April 10, 2011

The good and bad being a bride groom

Well, it happens to me last week when I was a bride groom (the 1st and the last) that I realised there are both pro and cons being a bride groom compare to being a bride!

Well, as you know, a bride as since in ancient times tends to be the focus of the whole wedding ceremony. Therefore, they’ll try to look at their very best by any means!

Like what Egg did, she had to be awake in 2:00 am to get ready for both dress-up and make-up! The whole process took hours before she was ready for the bride groom’s pick-up service arrival. I’m so glad that I have that thingy hanging between my legs or else I’ll have to go through the sleepless night getting ready for the wedding.

As for me, I woke up around 6:00am and got ready by 6:20am (inclusive of shower, shave, brushing teeth, irons, dress-up) >_<”

Well, the cons being a bride groom is that you have to go through the entire “Tests” by the sisters!

We started our journey to Egg's house around 6:45am with our body and mind ready for the worst torture ever!

Bribery will do the trick


Bananas with XXXtra hot sauces (wasabi, chilli paste, chilli powder)

Passing bitter leaves by lips

Sing our own creation song and sing it!
Bicycle tricks (but beaten by a kid =_=")

Since we failed to perform the 360 degree turn using that "BIG" bicycle, all of us were punished with WASABI! OMFG!!

After all the tests, finally we reached the 2nd gate! (walaoo! so many gates)

After pass through the 2nd gate by bribing the security guards sisters again, finally I reached the last door. This was my final test which they called the "Recitation of LOVE!"

After all the hassles, I finally can get into Egg's room!! :D

 By: Egg & Yolk