Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Egg asked me: “are you moist enough?”

..... -_-" .....

*Please don’t do this to your friends when they are not moist enough!!

Both Egg and I are those “dry skin” types which can’t stand hot weather and our skin will get very dry.

Egg always has these dry skins appearing on her legs while I always have dark dry skins all over my hands resulted from riding motorcycle during day time

Blackhand vs Whitehand

Guess whose black hairy leg is that @_@

In fact, we did try some home remedy found in the internet!!
Hmm..not very applicable -_-“

To help people like us, Vaseline introduced their new body lotions with variants such as Total Moisture, Healthy White, Intensive Rescue, and Aloe Cool & Fresh

After surveying all the variant, I bought “healthy white skin” for myself since I’m riding motorcycle everyday under the hot sun. I need these to protect my skin from the Sun.

Look at my skin! It's like charcoal @_@

I applied some of it right after we bought it! :D

I know it looks like something else but it's actually Vaseline's Healthy White Skin Lightening Lotion! -_-"

Egg: Wah! so Ki-Lat!!

As for Egg, she bought the "Total Moisture". Now she has moisturised skins that even shine!! Especially her legs

We just love Vaseline! :D

To end this post, here's another ads we made for Vaseline's Moisturising lotion! Enjoy!!

* This post was written for the purpose of joining Nuffnang and Vaseline's "are you moist enough" blogging contest

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Good entry. I haven't got the invites yet. Don't think they send out that early. :)

  2. Hahaha! The video was funny and cute. Good luck! :D

  3. ah =D
    another quality contest entry~
    All the best~!

  4. Haih, how am I gonna compete with this entry? I sureender lorr. hahahahaha! anyway, gud luck! :P

  5. chris federick ~ haha! thanks thanks!

    Mr. J pengerindu ~ thanks! i loved your blog! seriously :D

    Shaney ~ thanks! We're so glad that you enjoyed it :D

    kelvin ~ oo..since you're such an event goer, i thought you might have get the invites already. If there's chance, let's meet up again in KL :D

    jiamin ~ hey!! thanks!! haha!!

    tian chad ~ thanks!! :>

    aimi ~ your entry not bad also ba!! :)

  6. I always enjoy ur advertorial post, make me laugh like mad XD

    P.S The hairy one belong to egg?

  7. VERY VERY nicely done :D I LIKE this :)

  8. i m sure u gonna be 1,2,3. not 1 also will 2.

  9. after reading this, i will go out n buy this vaseline

  10. NICE!!!!!! Love it! The part "Looks like something else" is so LOL!!!!!

  11. your contest entries are always very creative... good job and good luck!

  12. Aww! I like this post! and that video was so cute :)
    Good luck in winning this! :p

  13. Waw, like the post so much!=D
    wish you win the contest!

  14. this is cool..instead of joining contest, i think u can go for more advertorial o doing commercial animation.

  15. really hope u will win it...really creative!

  16. kelvin ~ haha! thanks! the hairy leg? It was Egg's!! (=_=") kidding lar!

    merryn ~ glad you like it :D

    john ~ haha! may your prediction come true :D

    beng beng ~ good! i've bought two varians! gonna try the others soon :>

    hilda milda ~ good luck to you too!

    jessy ~ lol! it really looks like "something else"though -_-"

    vin tsen ~ XD

    baby sumo ~ thanks!!

    yih yann ~ thank you :D

    synical ~ :D

    adele ~ haha! glad you like the video :D

    jacqueline ~ haha! i wished too!

    terry ~ we wanted to..but no body look for us to do advertorial -_-" anyway, we work hard to make more interesting videos :D

    vialentino ~ thanks!

  17. very creative n plenty of great effort. If I were the judge, top 3 prizes guaranteed. Goodluck.
    By now surely u would hv recieved the invite to attend the party, rite? Can spouse or boyfriend come along using the extra invite, any idea?

  18. contestaddict ~ we'll be going to the party! You're going too right? we might meet up there :D I don't think there's any problem bringing spouse or boyfriend since Nuffnang is giving out pairs of invites :>

  19. You're really talented in doing advertorial. I know you will be the top 3 winner :)

  20. congratulations u guys! superb as always! :)


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