Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Egg asked me: “are you moist enough?”

..... -_-" .....

*Please don’t do this to your friends when they are not moist enough!!

Both Egg and I are those “dry skin” types which can’t stand hot weather and our skin will get very dry.

Egg always has these dry skins appearing on her legs while I always have dark dry skins all over my hands resulted from riding motorcycle during day time

Blackhand vs Whitehand

Guess whose black hairy leg is that @_@

In fact, we did try some home remedy found in the internet!!
Hmm..not very applicable -_-“

To help people like us, Vaseline introduced their new body lotions with variants such as Total Moisture, Healthy White, Intensive Rescue, and Aloe Cool & Fresh

After surveying all the variant, I bought “healthy white skin” for myself since I’m riding motorcycle everyday under the hot sun. I need these to protect my skin from the Sun.

Look at my skin! It's like charcoal @_@

I applied some of it right after we bought it! :D

I know it looks like something else but it's actually Vaseline's Healthy White Skin Lightening Lotion! -_-"

Egg: Wah! so Ki-Lat!!

As for Egg, she bought the "Total Moisture". Now she has moisturised skins that even shine!! Especially her legs

We just love Vaseline! :D

To end this post, here's another ads we made for Vaseline's Moisturising lotion! Enjoy!!

* This post was written for the purpose of joining Nuffnang and Vaseline's "are you moist enough" blogging contest

By: Egg & Yolk