Friday, September 10, 2010

The Mystical Myth : Sylph of Kuching

Have you ever wonder how the Sylph of Kuching looks like? Well, in the mythology of Western tradition, a Sylph is actually a fairy of the wind.

So, the question is : Is there really Sylph in Kuching?

My answer? NO! =_=”

But why do I say Sylph of Kuching? Well, there’s actually 2 very famous cave in Kuching which named “Fairy Cave” and “Wind Cave”. When fairy and wind meets, they become Sylph lor!! (I know I’m lame lar -_-“)

So here goes the adventure! 1st stop, we go to the "Wind Cave" which is some where near Bau, Kuching.

The cave was hidden inside a thick forest!

Once you go into the entrance, you'll find a few Bidahyu's traditional buildings serving as service counter and resting hut.

There's an entrance fee of RM3.00 per person to visit the cave. They also rent torches to visitors because it's very dark inside the cave.

Well, it's not as interesting as expected because there's not much to see in the DARK -_-"

A small dim of light in the cave

bats!! but Batman is not here -_-"

hmm.....this looks very familiar... -_-"
(there's water droplets at the tip too!! :P)

Since there's not much to see and it's quite slippery, we decided to head on to the "Fairy Cave" which is another 10km away from Wind cave. Entrance is free of charge and they are opened daily.

The cave is located just in front of a big paddy field. The view was amazing!

We were stunned when we reach the entrance of the cave!

It's TALLLLLLLLLL! (exclaimed Egg)
You have to walk up the stairs before reaching the cave!

While climbing the stairs, I found this red spider! it looks kind of poisonous @_@ Egg almost touched it accidentally but luckily she managed to escape!

Other than this poisonous looking spider, we even saw Spiderman!

A rock climber actually -_-" (damn lame =_=)

the main entrance of the cave

It was quite dark inside so Egg surrendered and wait outside the cave while I venture into the cave with my other friends.

There's a very steep wooden stairs inside the cave when you'll reach another end of the cave after getting up the stairs. Once you reach the inner part of the cave, you can see a stunning view of the cave. It's just gorgeous! Here's some of the picture I took.

stairways were built inside the cave for visitors

Lot's of visitors

We met this funny boy when we were visiting Wind cave and we travelled together to Fairy cave! He's very talkative! keep asking "why? why? why?" haha! His dad have to be a professor to answer all his questions -_-"

After a long day being a "cave man" we went to Waterfront for a "sampan ride" and experience the atmosphere of a Malay Village during the 1st day of Raya.

I guess that's all for today! :D

As usual, we want to share something rare when we went to Fairy cave. If you have Insectophobia, please don't look at the picture below!

Flies were all around the car!! (not ours of course -_-")
Maybe the car were being left there for too long until it went bad (chao sngui - hokkien)

Hope you get some idea of how these cave looks like after reading this post. All these caves were open daily but only during day times. Here's a reminder, if you're going to these caves, do bring along your own torch ( a brighter one) and wear shoes instead of slipper cos it's slippery during rainy days.

snoozing off now! >_<>

By: Egg & Yolk