Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Great buy at every click

When I said "Airasia" what is the 1st thing that you thought of? If I were you, I'll definitely think of "cheap air tickets" or "Free Seats"
Now that Airasia had expanded their business, you don't just buy air tickets from them but you can actually shopping online through them! I'm not kidding at all!

Here's a little video I made to show you what Airasia is having under their sleeves :D


They have everything you need from electric appliances to books! They even sale Mooncake! OMG!

Can't find Kam Lun Tai Mooncake in Kuching? You can always buy them here! What's more, they give Mooncake discounts up to 23% + free delivery!!!!!

Now you can shop online with just a few "clicks"! Visit them now @

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Thanks for the info mate! Kudos to AirAsia to finding more source of revenue

  2. ah mike ~ ya! They are doing some serious business. I wonder when can I be as successful as Tony from airasia -_-"

    kelvin ~ hmm..it's consider as an ad post which is free to promote airasiamegastore. Just to try out our advertising skill and hope that we can get advertorials in the future :D

  3. everyone business will eventually expand =)


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