Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

I want to get an iphone 4 from Digi because iphone 4 is the coolest and smartest phone on earth.

It has a mammoth storage. 16gb / 32gb. It suits me because I am the one who like to keep files and document in my phone for quick reference and for entertaining purposes.

It's battery talk time can last up to 7 hours!! Long lasting battery enables me to talk longer and maximize the usage of the phone. It also has 5 mega pixels front and back cameras with built in flash!

Iphone 4 has the coolest video recording in HD with LED light and backside illumination!

It can record High Definition Video as well as 5megapixels camera with flash which facilitates me to take video and photo with high quality resolution no matter where I go without restriction. It fits my styles who like to take photo and video when I am out for events and vacations.

It has FaceTime video calling which permits me to chat via phone lively and clearly to each other just like talking to each other face to face. It suits me a lot as I am the one with face and gesture while talking.

Since I know the existence of iphone 4, I am very interested to get one but when i look at my pocket and bank account, I hold back my thought. What I can do to fulfill my dream is to eat four apples everyday and looking at the phone.

Hehe. It is just an imagination.

I think I am eligible to get iphone 4 from Digi because I am one of Digi's loyal customers. I have been using handphone since I was in form 4.

I have been changing few handphones from basic handphone,

to small & cute handphone

and to a bigger & handsome handphone

but the thing that I never change is Digi.

I have been using Digi for 10years. During this period I have been trying quite a few network operators, but I still love Digi as how much Digi loves me by following me to everywhere I go. Digi never fail to satisfy me throughout these 10 years.

I even encourage my friend n family to use it to get more benefit from Digi. Therefore, since this year is my 10 anniversary Digi’s user, I think Digi should give me a loyalty award by presenting the smartest iphone 4 to me as I am the smartest Digi’s user.

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