Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Have you ever watch “Click” by Adam Sandler? I know it’s an old movie but it was always my favourite! Why! He had my favourite gadget of all time!! The “Universal remote”

After watching the movie, I always dream of having a remote control to control everything around me! From my TV to my air condition or even my lighting

While browsing the iPhone’s site, I stumbled across my dream application! “Control4 My House By Control UI”

It’s basically an application that allows you to control your whole house’s audio, video, lighting & HVAC through your iPhone or iPod Touch! Isn’t that amazing?

All these can be controlled!

TV programme


I wonder if they have a version to do this?
Now that DiGi is offering the all new iPhone4, do try out this application at your home! But there's a catch, it requires a Control4 home automation system. I wonder are they sold in Malaysia -_-"

Story by Egg
Comic by Yolk