Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebration of Amazing Skin by Vaseline & Nuffnang

Two weeks ago we received an email from Nuffnang that we were invited to the "Celebration of Amazing Skin" cocktail party by Vaseline! We were so thrilled that we book our tickets and go all the way from Kuching!

Some of you might ask why we took the trouble and go KL just for the event..hmm..I guess we just love nuffnang too much XD

We were quite late when we reached Luna bar.

A lot of bloggers had gathered and having a great time socializing with one another.

Well, it's our first time coming to this bar and it gave us a great impression! I mean the view, the atmosphere..this place is just gorgeous!

More over, it's located in the middle of KL tower and KLCC! Look at the view!

The program that night started off with jokes from Kuah Jenhan, the funny man! I din get to take his picture as we had just arrived and was looking for a place to sit =_="

The night were hosted by our beloved JoJo Struys! I guess I don't have to introduce her anymore as she is just too FAMOUS! XD

Anyway, the night continued with another set of entertainment! The performance by Yuna! Seriously, her voice were great! Other than that, her band were great too! I just love the Jazz !

As mentioned in the Nuffnang's blog post, there'll be a competition for ladies with the "most vibrant skin" and here's the finalist.

Before we vote for these beautiful bloggers, they were asked to do some catwalk on the stage!

That's the 4 boxes where we put our votes in!

Well, other than that, there were still lots of games played to let bloggers to win some cash vouchers! Pairs of bloggers volunteered themselves to go on stage and were told to identify their partner's hand while being blindfolded

The amazing part is that, all of them guess correctly!! Congrats to all the participants! :D

We meet a lot of nuffnangers in the party but we were too shy to take pictures with most of them -_-" Anyway, here's a new friend we meet during the party :D

Irene from Contestaddict

Finally, we had our prize giving ceremony and the party had ended with everyone have a great smile at their face!

We seriously had a great time and we do hope to join in more events like this in the future!

Thank you Nuffnang and Vaseline for the great events!

By: Egg & Yolk