Wednesday, October 20, 2010

EGG! You're gonna pay for this!!

Few days ago, we went shopping for groceries.

There was a promoter promoting Spritzer Tinge. With our “why waste if it’s free” mentality, we headed over and tried some.

Surprisingly, it tasted refreshing and very tantalizing 

and so we bought few bottles back.

The next day when I look for my Spritzer Tinge, they were all gone
I was worried and asked Egg if she had seen my Spritzer Tinge...

Yolk: Dear, where's my Spritzer Tinge?

Egg: Here... (shivering)

*Egg ran away quickly

What actually happened??

Egg drank all my Spritzer Tinge and refilled the bottles with pipe water -_-"

*interesting quotes
"A tantalizing drinks which might end up in someone else's tummy without your realisation! 
Spritzer Tinge, drink it while you have it."

"stealing Tinge isn't a bad idea (for some), it's bcuz they can't get enough of 'em.."

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By: Egg & Yolk