Monday, October 11, 2010

The Egg Yolks house warming

If you followed our blog, I think you should have noticed that I’ve moved into my new house, but the thing is, how can I NOT have a house warming party after I moved in? lol!

So we invited our close friends to come over for a simple BBQ session but we ended up playing “confirm gonna get food poisoning” game! 

Wonder what that hazardous game is? Read on and find out!

sorry for the *non halal picture -_-"

After the feasting session, here comes the moment of truth! Win or die in toilet  . Here's the mechanic of the so called “confirm gonna get food poisoning” game!

Let the game begins!


 Congrats to our winner! Mr. Tony (soy bean milk)

The good thing is that, no body went to toilet during the game.
The bad thing is, I'm not the winner =_=" (I drank the Ice cream soda with plenty of INGREDIENTS)

Anyway, it's a fun thrilled house warming party! I do hope to organize party like this again in the future! >_<

By: Egg & Yolk