Friday, October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

Digi bring iPhone 4 to our life with more excitement in every moment from you born until you leave this world. It comprises sour, sweet, bitter, spicy moments.

iPhone 4 captures and records the moment of life

It captures the moment of your kids are born

It records the minute of our happiest moment!

iPhone 4 with Digi network enable video and voice call when

We are in emergency

Not only that, through DiGi, we can announce happiness, share our sadness, reporting to our love one and the most important, help to maintain long distance relationship with FaceTime calling.

iPhone 4 deposits lots of useful application to make life easier and better no matter at home or at work or even outdoor.

Apps for cooking- Chef in the phone to instruct us in cooking recipes and provide guidelines for us.

Apps for keeping current- mobile newscaster to inform us the latest news from all around the world

Apps for work- handset mate to assist us to plan our time systematically, manage our job perfectly. And many many more…

iPhone 4 provides unlimited entertainment from games to music to video.

You will never feel bore and lonely even if you are allocated in the deserted island.

iPhone 4 is Nice to see, Good to hold, Once you have it, You will never leave it for Life.

as usual, a little flash movie to end the post (a very very short one >_<)

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. haha~ i m waiting n waiting for ur last post~ finally it's done^^ nice ^^

  2. jh? Actually i'm still working on the animation. hopefully can be done by 11.59 +_-"

  3. nw still gt 1hour n 34 minutes to go^^

  4. yea~~sure cn de la~huh??? still got animation for the last post??

  5. But in deserted island there's no electricity to charge the iPhone :p

  6. LOL XD

    But recording moments of life...i think only for one year...coz that damn apple will come out with another dunno wat next year.

  7. ur animation reli funny xD huh??? cn't imagine tat huh u shout de expression when u record de animation's sound xD

  8. seng foo ~ I thought iPhone has solar charger right? >_<

    kelvin ~ haha! iPhone4Gs maybe? -_-"

    JH ~ haha..glad it makes you laugh XD

    tian chad ~ thanks!


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