Saturday, October 16, 2010

Have you cheesed?

Say cheese!! Kacha!!

Well, not that cheese but this!!

We always loved Pizza hut’s pizza apart from the fact that there’s not much competition in Kuching, Pizza hut served the best pizza in town!

If you’d happen to ask a Kuchingnite where to get some nice yet affordable pizza, surely they’ll point their finger at Pizza hut!

Not to say that I’m brushing their shoes but I was once an employee of Pizza hut! (10 years ago) I worked as a kitchen helper during my school holidays. Since I was not a frequent customer to Pizza hut during that time, I thought it shouldn’t be as busy as KFC. 

However, once I took up the job, I was surprised that their business was so good! I ended up working my ass off =_="

I bet their business nowadays gets even better, especially after they introduce their “extreme cheesy 6” pizza! 

Both Egg and I were Cheese lover and how could we withstand the hunger for CHEESE? 6 type of cheese some more!!

We went to Pizza Hut @ Jln song yesterday and ordered the cheesy pizza with Hawaiian toppings (add another RM2 only)

After waiting for awhile, here comes our Pizza! slurppp!!

 Look at those cheese!!

 OMG! How can you resist this?? @_@

 Look at the layered cheese! It's totally Awesome!

This is one of the best pizza served by Pizza hut! Will be going for another round of this pizza :P

By: Egg & Yolk